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Company’s Mission

Through human development and guided by Qatar vision, the Company strives to offer innovative educational solutions of the highest quality to educate and support future leaders to prepare them to best serve their communities.

Strategic Objectives

The Company has the following strategic objectives:

  • Be an emblem of excellence in delivering educational and academic services of the highest standard;
  • Achieve academic excellence through high-quality teaching in a stimulating learning environment.
  • Provide international-standard facilities that support student learning and development;
  • Ensure systems are in place which represent best practice in: health, safety and environmental operations.
  • Improve operating efficiency through continuous improvement;
  • Increase Qatarisation to develop future Qatari leaders;
  • Maintain and improve quality management systems;
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction;
  • Establish productive relationships with stakeholders and create synergies:
  • Achieve service excellence by enhancing HR management systems and identify, support, and retain qualified and high-performing staff;
  • Attain the highest level of professional competence;
  • Exercise financial discipline and obtain best value for money and consistently perform within approved budget limits;
  • Strengthen internal processes, infrastructure and communication in operative and administrative processes;
  • Provide a qualitative and quantitative risk management program;
  • Establish and implement a research office making contributions in research, scholarship, and creative expression to advance a knowledge-based society within the AFG College with Aberdeen University;
  • Deliver a comprehensive portfolio of academic programmes and initiatives;
  • Establish a sustainable and viable presence in the region; and
  • Contribute to Qatar National Vision 2030 and the knowledge-based economy. 

Key Activities:

The Company currently provides educational services in the school sector from foundation stage to secondary level; and has recently added the university level via its partnership with the University of Aberdeen, UK (“UoA”) in the academic year 2017/18. After successful launch of AFG College with Aberdeen University, the Company accomplished its vision to provide educational services in all sectors (age 3 to 18+).

After a brief period of closure due to restructuring, the Company intends to re-launch the Al Faleh Training Centre (“AFTC”) in the academic year 2017/18. AFTC plans to offer adult vocational, professional development courses and certification.

A brief description of Company’s each educational service is provided below: 

The Company’s has three fully owned schools currently catering for students aged 3 to 18:

  • Doha Academy (“DA”) was established in September 2000 with less than 200 registered students in the residential area of Al Mamoura. Between September 2000 and June 2014, the capacity of the school increased from 300 to 1250. Due to the success of the school and the continual demand of student places, the management of the school decided to lease a land and build a purpose-built school in Al Waab in the mid of year 2012. The construction of the school site was completed in June 2014 and the gates were opened for students in September 2014. After the relocation of the Doha Academy from Al Mamoura to Al Waab. Al Mamoura school site was completely refurbished during the academic year 2014/15 and in September 2015, Doha Academy Salwa branch relocated to that site. Currently, Doha Academy Al Waab school has a capacity of 2350 student places and its already operating 90% of capacity.
  • Doha Academy Salwa Branch (“DA Salwa Branch”) caters for classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 (ages 3 – 11) was established in September 2008 in the residential area of Abu Hamour. The total capacity of the school was 600 students. In September 2015, the school relocated to a fully refurbished site in Al Mamoura with the total capacity of 410 student places. Expansion plans were immediately put into place to construct an additional building on a vacant plot within the school site. The new built will provide a further 10 classrooms which will increase the capacity to 660 students.

  • Doha International Kindergarten (“DIKG”) provides classes for students aged 3 – 5. The kindergarten was established in September 2007 with the intent to provide a feeder school for both Doha Academy Al Mamoura and Doha Academy Salwa Branch. The overall capacity of the school is 130 students. All students are guaranteed places in Year 1 in either branch of Doha Academy schools. In order to improve the quality of learning environment and the need of kindergarten places within Doha, expansion plans were put in place in the academic year 2016/17. DIKG will relocate to a newly refurbished site in Mesaimeer. The new site will cater for 240 students and will open in September 2017.

Training Centre

The Company also has a training centre Al Faleh Training Centre, which will re-launch soon. The training centre will offer vocational, professional development courses and certification.

Higher Education 

The Company has established a contractual partnership with the University of Aberdeen (“UoA”) UK. It is an ancient and prestigious university founded in 1495 making it Scotland's third-oldest university and the fifth-oldest in the English-speaking world. Aberdeen is consistently ranked among the top 200 universities in the world. As a result of the partnership, AFG College with the University of Aberdeen will open in the academic year 2017/18. Initially, the following programmes will be offered to students;

  • MA (Hons) Business Management
  • MA (Hons) Accounting and Finance

The Company intends to support Qatar in the creation of a knowledge-based economy by encouraging entrepreneurship, enterprise and leadership through the provision of a well-rounded British education which includes opportunities for its students to study industry focused subjects such as business studies, accounting, economics and enterprise along with subjects such as environmental management, global perspectives, photography, travel and tourism, food and textile technology.

Over the past seventeen years, the Company has emerged as one of the leading institutions in the field of education and continues to strive to be part of the fulfilment of Qatar National Vision 2030.Unleashing human potential is one of the Company’s aims as well as fostering a culture of excellence.

The key Stakeholders and partners of the Company are: Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), Pearson Edexcel, Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoE & HE), the Ministry of Health (MoH), the Ministry of Interior (MoI), Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) and University of Aberdeen, UK.

Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and Pearson Edexcel

The Al Waab Branch of Doha Academy is a recognised examination centre for both Cambridge International Examination and Person Edexcel. Students sit these board exams at the end of Years 11, 12 and 13. These are internationally bench marked examinations which are recognise globally and form the pathway to university entry worldwide.

Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA), New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

QNSA and NEASC are both quality assurance accreditation bodies. QNSA is the national Qatari accrediting body while NEASC is American. Both organisations adhere to standards of excellence and quality which are recognised internationally. Both Doha Academy Al Waab and Salwa Branch hold candidacy with QNSA and have recently completed a self-study in readiness for actual accreditation; both branches hold preliminary candidacy with NEASC and aims to gain full candidacy in the autumn of 2017.

Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoE & HE)

Both Doha Academy branches and DIKG work closely with MoE & HE to ensure that all governmental requirements are fulfilled. Compliance with MoE & HE rules and regulations is mandatory for all international and public schools in Qatar.

Ministry of Health (MoH)

MoH monitors, regulates and instructs regarding key issues relation to health within the Company’s schools. MoH monitors the nurses’ clinics within the schools, quality of water, pest control and the schools’ canteens and their food supplies, storage and hygiene. MoH also periodically instructs the schools regarding vaccinations, the management of viruses, sight tests, weight management and recording and prevalent diseases such as diabetes, and asthma. MoH also provide mandatory training for our health care staff.

Ministry of Interior (MoI) and Ministry of Administrative Development and Labour (MoL)

MoI monitors and issue licenses for all units to ensure full compliance with government rules and regulations in the following areas”

  • Civil defence
  • Visa services
  • Police clearances

University of Aberdeen, UK 

The UoA is the Company’s partner within the Higher Education sector, i.e. AFG College with Aberdeen University based in Qatar.

 In the Scottish education system, a bachelor degree is referred to as a master degree.

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